Ant is an explorer at heart and in mind. His music's purpose is to discover the world, himself and inspire others to venture off the beaten track.”


Ant Utama

Ant Utama is a contemporary singer-songwriter from New Zealand, recently basing himself in Cologne, Germany. His musical influences include the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Calum Scott, Shawn Mendes, and Dean Lewis though his songs have a unique angle from these other artists.

Ant's music reflects his own personal experiences, through his world travels, relationships and internal insecurities. Once a 9-5 corporate worker, he walked away from a life he saw as 'mediocre'. He started from scratch and moved to the other side of the world to pursue his true passion of music.

Whilst his music is based on his own personal experiences, they are extremely relatable. He has only just begun his new journey however he wants to inspire like-minded people who also dream to follow their heart and strive for greatness.

"Too may people these days are doing what their makes their parents happy or what society expects them to do. We're in an age where we have the power to do what we love and make a living doing it. It's my goal to give those people on the fence a little push, and help to provide a boost of encouragement to anyone who needs it."

Ant's first single, 'Brave' was recently released October 2019 and he plans to follow this up with a string of singles in the following months. He hopes this song will motivate people to chase their purpose to live a more fulfilled life.

'Brave' Music Video

'Brave' Live Acoustic Version