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Mexico… Part 1 

13 December 2018

God I’m bad at writing blogs… Where were we? Oh yes, South America. Four months of it and four months of being rather underwhelmed. But that was about to change.

On 2 June 2018, we flew from Bogota to Cancun. It was a bit of a shock to the system to see all the development of Hotel Resorts as in South America we hadn’t encountered this much. However we were backpackers on a longer trip so to the budget hostels we went! Immediately though, everything was cheap, the food was delicious and the…

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Going South… 

23 September 2018

First of all, I’ll address the elephant in the room. It’s been 8 months since my last post… I know, I know. So much for being accountable.

After 8 months, you can imagine I have a lot to say, but I’ll try to keep it as concise as possible. This post is about our time in South America where we spent our first 4 months.

South America. Unfortunately I’m going to have to be downer and say right of the bat, we found it underwhelming. We can partly blame ourselves for being ignorant and not…

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Folk Tales 

25 February 2018

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I grew up quite conservatively. I was never really one for taking big risks, it was just the way I was raised. Study hard, get a degree, a stable job in a good company with a decent salary and work your way up. It’s what Dad did and it’s always what I thought would be the natural path for me.

At age 15 I started singing and fell in love with it. I felt like it defined me and of course wanted to do it for a living. However, even though I knew I was good…

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Building my Brand 

9 February 2018

As previously established, I have a marketing background and have been a professional in this field for a number of years now looking after household brands such as Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose, OPI and Max Factor. I feel like I’m pretty good at it too. For artists, marketing is a huge part of becoming successful, almost as much so as the creative content you produce. Now, you would have thought that with my background I’d have been able to apply my marketing expertise to my singing…

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“Vision Arm” 

19 January 2018

Now I shouldn’t be forcing inspiration on myself, but I am… kind of. Ideally, everyone should inspire themselves automatically. Sometimes however, it doesn’t hurt to have reminders. My previous post mentioned accountability, one of the main reasons for starting this blog. Well, my next move is getting a tattoo.

To some people, tattoos aren’t a big deal. They’ll get one off the cuff, and good on them. But to me, they do need to mean something.

My session is booked in for tomorrow morning. I’m…

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Adopted Mexican Street Dog, Daisy

Adopted Mexican Street Dog, Daisy