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9 February 2018

As previously established, I have a marketing background and have been a professional in this field for a number of years now looking after household brands such as Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose, OPI and Max Factor. I feel like I’m pretty good at it too. For artists, marketing is a huge part of becoming successful, almost as much so as the creative content you produce. Now, you would have thought that with my background I’d have been able to apply my marketing expertise to my singing career, but alas… I’ve been slack and awful!

So, now is my opportunity to start building my brand properly. I’m not saying I have a robust plan or anything yet as I don’t! But my first step has been to create a logo and an identity for myself. A couple in fact. One for myself as a singer, and one for this blog, the Corporate Busker. To do that, I commissioned an amazing designer slash my biggest fan Dave for the job. Dave is a Tongan guy I used to work with, with the most loud and infectious laugh you’ve ever heard. (The Tongan part is irrelevant, but I just want to paint you the picture – Tongans have awesome laughs). You could literally hear him from the other side of the office – my old colleagues will attest to this. Dave used to do design work for me when I was working on liquor brands and every time I came over to his desk to work on a project, he embarrassingly had a video of me on youtube on full blast through his speakers, disturbing his whole team in the process. Whilst I was mildly humiliated, I always appreciated his encouragement.

Anyways, now that you’ve met Dave, you’ll see why he was the best man for the job. After a few concepts and a small tweak, below is the logo we’ve come up with.

AU Logo montage

I’m hoping you can see it is both my initials, “AU” and a microphone. I’m also hoping you’re not like my sister who said it looked like a computer chair… now that she’s mentioned this, it cannot be unseen! But I still love it and am super stoked to have a logo to represent myself as an artist.

I spent $350 over the weekend, getting these printed on hats and shirts. It wasn’t a big print run as I only made enough to give to my parents and take travelling, however having these produced is yet another way of keeping myself accountable, motivated and inspired.

This is only the start of the brand building journey and there’s a lot more to do. Dave will be working on CD covers, album artwork, flyers, business cards and creative imagery. I also have a photo shoot this afternoon to update my portfolio (and I look forward to eating again afterwards…) I’ll keep you posted along the way.

AU Merch.jpg

– Ant

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