“Vision Arm”

19 January 2018

Now I shouldn’t be forcing inspiration on myself, but I am… kind of. Ideally, everyone should inspire themselves automatically. Sometimes however, it doesn’t hurt to have reminders. My previous post mentioned accountability, one of the main reasons for starting this blog. Well, my next move is getting a tattoo.

To some people, tattoos aren’t a big deal. They’ll get one off the cuff, and good on them. But to me, they do need to mean something.

My session is booked in for tomorrow morning. I’m a bit of a wuss, so I’ve stocked up on numbing cream and ibuprofen for what will roughly be a 5 hour sitting. Alida, my girlfriend will be doing coffee runs and I’ve also got a nice audio book ready to go to distract me. Anyway, this tattoo to me is another means of accountability and inspiration. If you’ve ever done a vision board, you’ll know that the purpose of them are to provide a constant reminder of what you want to have or achieve. (A friend of a friend put a picture of boobs on her vision board because she wanted bigger boobs… and apparently she went up a few cup sizes! Wtf??)

With exposure to these images over time, the theory is that consciously or subconsciously (or both), you will put in the work and take the necessary steps to realise that goal. There are also theories about sending positive neutrons into the universe which then reform and come back in the shape of your success (…or boobs). Not sure I buy into those ones, but I do see the value of vision boards. Therefore, the sensitive, pale, and sadly ‘smaller than I’d like’ canvas that is my inner bicep will serve this purpose. *Sigh*. At least it’ll cost less?

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a random rash last minute decision I’ve come up with. It’s something I’ve thought about over the past 3 years and I still want it. It’s future proofing any questionable times ahead, to remind me who I am, what I love to do and what my passion is.

This won’t be my first tattoo. I have one other on my right arm which is the last lines of sheet music to my favourite song to sing, my ‘signature song’ if you will, Unchained Melody. I got it 3 years ago, for similar reasons. It was a reminder of what I love to do and the year following that tattoo, I had an amazing time – that’s another story.

Now the fun part is going to be showing my parents! Typical conservative Asian parents don’t take too kindly to permanent ink. I remember showing friends when my last one was a day old and them saying:

“My parents would kill me if I got a tattoo.”

To which I replied:

“But… you have white parents! What are MINE gonna do!?”

So in a nutshell, I’ll be adding to my ‘vision arm’. And what is the tattoo of?

This little guy. This is a native New Zealand bird called the Tui. Here at home, they are known as the NZ songbird. This isn’t a rare thing to have tattooed for a New Zealander, however as I embark on an adventure to the other side of the world, to me, the Tui represents myself. A proud New Zealander who loves to sing. I’ve even got an image where he’s crouched over and ready to take flight.

Excuse me… did you just roll your eyes?

I know, know, it’s cheesy as. But seeing this guy when I look down or check out my guns in the mirror, will be a constant reminder to keep me accountable, determined and motivated.

Wish me luck!

– Ant



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